Television Series

Asia-Pacific Group is the sponsor of a broadcast television series, "Asia-Pacific Business Strategies." Distributed worldwide by ThinkTech, and hosted by co-founder of APG, Michael North.

We look out across the Pacific from its center in Honolulu, to meet the most interesting people and deeply understand the most important business forces that shape our world. We go East to the mainland USA and the Americas, and west to Asia, seeking a breath of the tradewinds that affect our business lives in Hawaii. We also examine the extraordinary people, technologies and companies that are based here, with an emphasis on youth and game-changing projects that inspire the world with our unique spirit of aloha. 

Selected Episodes:

Episode 1: From Farm to Boardroom -- an Interview with Joni Redick-Yundt

Episode 2: Royalties 101 with Arthur Lipper -- A look at revenue royalties, from a Wall Street legend

Episode 3: Evolutionizing the Publishing Industry - A visit with Chris Theodore, editor and publisher of The Reader

Episode 4: A Tasty Business - Interview with Bronson Chang, with special segment about Royalties Finance

Episode 5: VERGE Conference Honolulu

Episode 6: Big Data

Here is a complete directory of all programs in the series.


The company also sponsors an ongoing series, "Understanding China": a discussion of the dynamic, growing nation of China, viewed through Chinese eyes.