3. Evolutionizing the Publishing Industry

Local print publishing survives and thrives on the west coast

Chris Theodore, Editor and Publisher of The Reader, Redlands, California


The Reader is a local media channel in print and digital format in Southern California with big ideas. By using an advertiser-supported, controlled-circulation model, the publishers mail to 390,000 people, with a high-quality message, original and curated writing and photography.

Employing a local-focused sales staff, the Reader secures long-term advertisers who can directly measure their results. Local advertising is one of the few segments of the print publishing business that is still strong and growing.

The philosophy of The Reader is positive, progressive, people-centered and community action, with probing editorial on climate change, peace, education, immigration, kindness, water, work, Syria and more — growing steadily since 2001.

Chris Theodore, the innovation-driven editor and publisher of The Reader, joins ThinkTech to reflect on how ideas spread, new business models, the culture of change, and more.


Despite the profound transformation affecting print publishing today, there is still an important role for high-quality local magazines. The Reader is one publication that survives and thrives, with an idealistic editorial focus and a community focus.

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