Zero New Cases

May 5, 2020: How it’s Done in China — Zero New Virus Cases in Nanjing

< a short film, in Japanese and Chinese, with English subtitles>

To control the spread of corona, a variety of coordinated measures needs to be taken — so that the economy can function, and so the people’s health is protected.

These measures can be simple, common-sense, and inexpensive — but they require a change in thinking. In this short film, two examples — put tissues in an elevator, so that people can touch the floor buttons with them. When delivering a package, put it into an elevator by itself, choose the floor, and send it up without getting in the elevator.

A good friend, Cyndy Ning at University of Hawaii, showed us this video and says:

“A City with Zero Cases of COVID-19.” Made by Japanese filmmaker Takeuchi Ryo, who lives in Nanjing.

He has documented many of the public safety measures the city has put in place, and which has led to zero increase of new infected cases, while COVID-19 is spreading like wild-fire all around the rest of the world.

As Takeuchi concludes, he was amazed how organized and effective those social distancing measures are, and he encourages many countries to learn lessons from Nanjing. Germany is already cooperating with China closely on implementing some of those measures.”

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