TEDx Shanghai

11 speakers,
700+ audience,
Conjunction of 7000 thoughts,
5 hours of thought feast

Wonderful moments concentrated in 3-minute stories
Relive the TEDx Xujiahui conference with us
Listening to the voice behind the speaker

On August 4, 2019, the Shanghai Metro Theatre

After six months of careful planning and preparation
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of TEDx Shanghai

TEDx Xujiahui Team One:
the scene: with an audience of 700

Dedicated to a wonderful VUCA feast

volatility (易变性)
uncertainty( 不确定 性)
complexity (复杂性)
ambiguity (模糊性)

11 speakers, 11 voices

Passing through the fog of the times,
meeting the different paths of light and shadow
Seeing the unveiling of VUCA together

Find consistency in change
In the midst of uncertainty
Look for simplicity in complexity
Explore the clear in the vague
This is a time of rapid iteration
An era of light evolution