Laiwu Development

The City of Laiwu is one of leading economic and industrial centers in Shangdong Province.

In April 2017, Li Yanjun, chairman of Zhong Jing Trade International Commerce Development, accompanied executives from Asia-Pacific Group to a number of key meetings. They met members of the Economic Development executive of Laiwu, and toured several significant industrial development sites.

APG and the City of Laiwu discussed a number of potential joint development projects. As a result of these meetings, the two groups decided to formalize their relationship in a Memorandum of Understanding.

An MOU was signed between Asia-Pacific Group and Laiwu Wenshing Corporation, to develop new technologies and international market access. The video shown here gives details of this company, which is one of the premier producers, packagers and distributors of agricultural products in Asia, including ginger, garlic, turmeric, oranges, apples and other fruits and vegetables, in Asia.

The company distributes internationally throughout Asia, America and Europe, and has alliances with Nestle, Unilever and McCormick.