New Textbook on Revenue Royalties published by Arthur Lipper


Date: 7/18/2018

DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA — Revenue Royalties, a major compendium of relevant writings regarding the use of royalties, by Arthur Lipper has just been published as a Kindle exclusive by

Arthur Lipper is a well-known international investment banker, author, lecturer and inventor. Revenue Royalties is his 7th book. He has been involved in the investment community for his entire career, having chaired two institutional New York Stock Exchange member firms.

The 150,000-word Revenue Royalties is segregated into sections for investors, business owners, royalty fund managers and of general interest to the investment community. The writings are mostly brief and focused directly on the needs of the targeted reader. There are more than 150 articles in the Table of Contents and this, of course, includes a number of Larry and Barry dialogues, a feature of Arthur Lipper’s prior books.

The articles address: who should buy and/or sell royalties, why royalties are the better way of investing in privately-owned companies, what can go wrong, a number of unique ideas for using royalties, how to terminate royalties, how to protect investors, how to determine the outcome of royalty issuers failing to achieve the revenues they projected, when to sell a royalty, how much should the investor get for their royalty if and when sold to another investor, why a royalty owner doesn’t care if the owner of a business over pays himself, when should a royalty issuing company redeem the outstanding royalties, what protections can investors negotiate with business owners, etc.

Arthur Lipper was able to obtain a U.S. patent covering some of the approaches he recommends and has developed a range of additional royalty approaches. He has also developed six website calculators which are currently freely available for both investors and royalty issuer to use to determine the results for each if the royalty issuing company’s projected revenues are achieved.

Revenue Royalties, the Kindle ebook can only be downloaded from Amazon. Those who want the latest revenue royalty news can subscribe to the monthly “Revenue – A Journal of Growth Capital” at  This journal will include Revenue Royalties updates and other material of interest to investors, business owners, attorneys, accountants, business and investment advisors and, of course, regulators.


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