Yulin Business Development

The Urban Development District of Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos planned by the central government of China is made up of Hohhot, Baotou and Ordos in Inner Mongolia, and Yulin in Shaanxi Province.

The plan is to develop the district into a National Energy-Chemical Industry Base, thus extending the country’s strategic economic fulcrum to the north and west of China. With this new strategic fulcrum, the region will become a Construction Zone of Ecological Civilization in Northwest China, and the Pioneer of Urban-Rural Integration and Development for Ethnic Minority Areas.

Besides promoting industrial development, this plan also stresses the importance of advancing new high-tech and airport industrial zones. Yulin will be a demonstration zone of ecological civilization for the Loess Plateau, advancing its status as a national historical and cultural city, on the borders between Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia.