Pacific Economic Co-operation Agreement


On January 11, 2017, Asia-Pacific Group LLC and the Pacific Economic Co-operation Council (China Committee) – International Eco-Tech Co-operation Committee signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding.

APG and PECC intend to initiate international trade ventures and create mutually beneficial projects and products between the United States and China.

According to the MOU, the organizations “have identified several initial potential projects, including a China Volatility Index (CVIX), the China Intellectual Property Exchange (CIPX), the China Royalty Income Fund (CRIF), the China Care for Life Fund (CCLF), China Air Transport System (CATS), assistance with the petrochemical complex development in Lianyungang,” and others.

A formal signing was held at PECC offices in Beijing; attending and signing were Niu Li, Secretary-General of PECC, and co-founders of APG, Xiaofang Zhou and Michael North.


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At the same time, an MOU was signed between the Ambassadors Club, a unit of PECC, and the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, to further international understanding of China’s peacemaker, Zhou Enlai, and to prepare for the celebration of his 120th Birthday in 2018.

The previous day, a welcome luncheon was hosted by Executive Director Wu Wei, and Secretary-General Niu Li.