9. Translating China for the World

This episode of Understanding China features an official from the Central Government of of China, who is in Honolulu on important business, and his wife.

Lin Fanlin is an executive at the China International Publishing Group (CIPG), a vital operation at the Ministry of Information — one of the largest publishers, website managers and translation groups in China. CIPG employs more than 3000 people. His division, Moze, serves many official events, books, magzazines and sites on the Internet, with translation services in 28 languages.

His wife, Xu Xin, is an executive at the Stone Carving Museum in Beijing, which showcases fascinating stone carvings from China’s imperial history, many of them personally inscribed by the Emperors.

CIPG may open a new office soon in Honolulu, in order to serve clients in America.

Joining them as interviewer is Xiaofang Zhou North, who usually appears on Understanding China from a studio in Beijing. Today she accompanies her guests for a conversation about their lives and work in China, their aspirations, and how the world looks today, through Chinese eyes.

Regular host Michael North introduces the special guests.

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