Aquaponics Technology

Host Fred Lau of Maris Gardens, in Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii, takes honored guests from Laiwu, China on a guided expert tour of the large  commercial aquaponics facility that he developed, and manages.

Aquaponics is a new technique that combines aquaculture and hydroponics. Vegetables or fruit are grown in a water solution, without soil, and pass their nutrients to a tank of fish. The fish grow, and pass their nutrients back to the plants.

The whole system, with pumps and sensors, is computer-controlled, and results in much greater productivity, significant savings in land and cost, accelerated growing season, and a solid source of all-organic vegetable and protein for people and the marketplace.

The delegation was organized by Asia-Pacific Group, and led by Liu Jianzheng, CEO of Wanshing Corporation, one of China’s leading agricultural producers.

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