5. The Inner Development of the Children of China

In this episode of “Understanding China,” Michael North hosts two outstanding leaders of China’s youth development culture.

Liu Sumei (“Emily”) is Chairman of the Mental Health Service Center in Beijing. She is also Secretary-General of the Attitudinal Healing Committee, China.

Zhang Zhengyue (“Peter”) is Deputy Director of China Children Development Project Foundation, and Founder of the “Village Care” Project.

Their work is based on the teaching and example of two leading American psychologists, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione. They pioneered the field of “Attitudinal Healing,” and the practice of Forgiveness as a key to personal and organizational change. Through Patricia Ellis and others, the techniques of attitudinal healing were introduced to China in 2013.

See http://ahinternational.org/ for more details about Attitudinal Healing.

They have added elements that are unique to China’s needs, to this base of practices.

Their work encourages a spirit of social volunteerism in China, helping to motivate people to participate in grassroots social governance, especially at the village level. They help to establish standards, record-keeping and training procedures, in service to several organizations in the government.