Tianjin PPP Royalties Press Conference

Official Video: Tianjin Press Conference about PPP Royalties;
December 20, 2017; 29 minutes; in English

Chinese | 中文

Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange, together with Asia-Pacific Group
, CITIC Trust and allied companies, co-sponsored a press conference, luncheon and working session in Tianjin on December 20, 2017. The location was the corporate headquarters of TJFAE in the new Binhai District of Tianjin.

This video captures key remarks made by Liu Meiyan, Vice President of CITIC Trust; by Dai Bing, Vice President of TJFAE; by Michael North, Partner in  Asia-Pacific Group; and by guest VIP speaker, Arthur Lipper, expert in revenue royalties, presented by APG.

The purpose was to introduce the subject of revenue royalties to a sophisticated audience of financial experts, bankers and government leaders, and to open the possibility of using this new financing technique to provide capital to the next generation of major infrastructure projects in China through public-private partnerships (PPP).

The planning group in Beijing and Tianjin provided liaison with existing banking, securities and regulatory organizations, including the Ministry of Finance.  Beijing Moze Cultural Company provided professional business translation services for the public events.

The Tianjin Press Conference event concluded with the official establishment and public announcement of two new organizations, approved by the Ministry of Finance, created together by Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange and Asia-Pacific Group.

The new organizations are China Royalties PPP Fund Committee, and China PPP Royalties Research Center.