Product Design

Executives of Wanshing Corporation, from Laiwu, China, learn the basics of consumer product design in a research demonstration session at Dr Pepper Center, in Waco, Texas.

The group reviewed the principles of private enterprise business. Then, starting with a selection of 20 possible flavors — for example, blueberry, cherry, vanilla, apple, peach, grape, orange, mango — small groups of three participants are asked to choose just three flavors. They are invited to combine them in any percentage they believe would make an appealing consumer taste.

The lab assistant then makes the mix as designed, combines it with cooled 50% carbonated water, and the designers taste the result. They can adjust the flavors and proportions as they wish.

Finally, when the group is pleased with the result, they give the drink a name, which reflects the flavor and will be well received in the market. The participants in this session gave their drinks names like “Freedom,” and “No Problem” (Mei Wenti — an unusual and interesting name in Chinese).

Finally, the organizers from Asia-Pacific Group presented, Mary Beth Farrell, the Dr. Pepper represesntative with a copy of a book published by the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, titled “Deep Love.” The book tells the story of Premier Zhou Enlai, China’s renowned peacemaker, and his wife Deng Yingchao. The gift represents the spirit of friendship and equality between business in China and America, and was gratefully received by Ms. Farrell.

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