China’s Diplomatic Vision

In September 2017, conjunction with the China’s annual birthday celebrations, CCTV released a six-episode series, called “China’s Major-Country Diplomacy.”

Here is a short introduction to the series, which includes the opening titles for the series, and a brief excerpt from each episode (time – 4:03):

This documentary is important for anyone to seeks to understand modern China and its place in the world. It demonstrates how the Chinese see themselves, and their intense engagement with dozens of countries, on many key issues, including culture, education, peacekeeping, the environment, international forums, the One Belt/One Road trade and development Initiative and more.

Xi Jinping states the central vision simply in the opening:

“I sincerely hope that the world community will work hand in hand…to create a shared future for all mankind and a planet that is peaceful and prosperous.”

Each episode runs about 45 minutes; the complete series is showcased here, on YouTube.